學生:Michael LEE
就讀院校:Taylor’s College


僅僅用了一個月左右時間,楓葉教育升學幫我們篩選好學校,辦好所有手續,如今小兒已經快樂地飛到雪梨升學,就讀為期14周University of Sydney Taylor’s College HAPP,並將於來年二月升讀雪梨大學理學系。

沒有比較沒有驚喜!由於擔心小兒Dse 考試不理想,其實我早早在中五時便參加了不少海外升學展覽和講座,並填寫了許多學校的申請表格,雖然有收到預科錄取,但因推遲出國時間,錄取通知書修改數次之後,已經多次錯漏,深感無奈!

如預料小兒今年DSE放榜成績不理想,未能達到在香港升學的要求,所以又匆忙報名數家海外升學公司,感嘆各大展覽場報名學生之多,排隊之長我想諸多家長和學生都有不少感觸,一連參加了幾場升學展覽之後,本人和小兒的焦慮逐日直線上升,直至朋友介紹楓葉的Javis Wai給我。

初見Javis 溫文爾雅,非常帥氣,沒花多少時間已經把我混亂的頭腦從如何選擇加拿大、英國、澳洲眾多學校的團團轉中,理得清清楚楚,更出乎意料是竟然可以一對一地面見收生官而不用排隊!由於離開學時間緊迫,從收到正式取錄通知書、提交指紋、檢查身體、到得到簽證等等諸多繁雜手續,僅用了一個來月時間,效率之高令人咋舌!




學生:Megan LEUNG
就讀院校:University of Essex

Before connecting with Maple, I had little knowledge about your organization. However, my initial interaction with Javis, followed by our meeting with you, Cindy, changed our perception completely. From the very beginning, Maple proved to be a game-changer in Megan’s education journey by offering a distinct and positive direction.

On the day of Megan’s A-level results, she was filled with anxiety, even though she had been accepted by her insurance choice. It was at this crucial moment that Cindy reached out to us, offering her assistance, despite us not initially engaging Maple as our agent. We are extremely thankful for Cindy’s comprehensive analysis, insightful university selection, and professional advice.

Cindy’s recommendation of the University of Essex immediately struck a chord with Megan. From the campus location to the course content, everything about Essex appealed to her. Cindy managed to swiftly process all the necessary applications and establish effective communication with the university, achieving remarkable progress within just 24 hours. I am particularly impressed with Cindy’s unwavering work ethic and attention to detail. She has been incredibly responsive to our questions and concerns, even outside of office hours, which truly showcases the core values expected from an agent.

I have often told Megan that we should learn from Cindy’s work attitude, as her dedication and efficiency have been truly inspiring. Thanks to Cindy’s tireless efforts, Megan has received an offer from the University of Essex, and we have already confirmed subsequent processes such as accommodation, all in just one weekend. This experience of working with Cindy and Maple Oversea Education Centre has been incredible, and we wholeheartedly express our appreciation and gratitude to you all.

I am certain that any parent or student in need of educational guidance will greatly benefit from the services provided by Maple Oversea Education Centre. I will not hesitate to recommend your organization to others, and I eagerly look forward to collaborating with you again in the near future for our younger daughter.

學生:Aisling LUK
就讀院校:University of Kent






學生:M W Chui
就讀院校:University of Birmingham

It was pretty much unbelievable to me, and also my sixth form which has really limited support for international applications, that it’s possible to get decent universities to choose from in Clearing. I was in a burnout when I did my exams, knew my A-levels wouldn’t be great the moment I walked out of the exam hall, but never expected to be 4 grades below my school and my predictions until Clearing happened on me.

Waiting for results is a torture. Throughout the summer, I’ve been doing research on Clearing courses that might be available, it was a stressful time because I didn’t know how bad I did before the DAY. Felt directionless because there was nothing I could do to change something that had happened. Felt helpless because there was no one around to give constructive advice. Luckily, I listened to my mother’s and my friend’s advice, finally decided to get in touch with Cindy from Maple for help in Clearing. Having discussed possible options and sent her a list of courses I would like to apply to if things go wrong, that was when I felt my first sense of relief in the entire year: knowing there is a plan B for me to fall back on.

On results day, my results were catastrophic. Cried a little, and unsurprisingly, my responsible UCAS advisor from school was away.
But Cindy was there for me. If I could do the entire UCAS thing again, I would contact Maple for advice right from the start. Probably would have gotten more help from them than my sixth form, with less anxiousness along the way knowing there is someone out there, who cares about your future as much as you do.
I believe finding Cindy for help had put me in a much better position in Clearing. Cindy and her colleagues helped me with ringing up to universities. Knowing I am in good hands as they must be experts having done this for years. When my peers who had also crashed A-levels were still in the long queue outside the Careers office, I already had 5 clearing offers for me to choose from: Cardiff University, University of Aberdeen, Queen Mary University of London, University of Glasgow and University of Birmingham. Yes, they aren’t incredible unis but they are more than decent for clearing I’d say. Had a hard time deciding between them, but I have not regretted my decision. Birmingham is a lovely city, I have friendly coursemates and passionate lecturers. I am enjoying the course Cindy got me, and am very excited about my next chapter in life!

學生:Phoebe WONG
就讀院校:University of the West of England, Bristol


學生:Jade LAM
就讀院校:University of Exeter

I want to share my positive experience with Maple Overseas Education, particularly with Cindy, my agent. Cindy provided much-needed guidance during a challenging time when I felt lost about my future.

With her insightful advice, I navigated my academic journey to Abbey College Cambridge in the UK and, subsequently, the University of Exeter. Cindy’s in-depth knowledge, empathy, and dedication were truly invaluable.

Furthermore, Cindy and her team assisted with my VISA application process, answering all my questions patiently and promptly, easing my worries during a stressful period.
I wholeheartedly recommend Maple Overseas Education to anyone considering studying abroad.


學生:Anson CHAN
就讀院校:University of Sussex

Thank you, Cindy, this is to appreciate what you have served our family. Our son, Anson started with foundation study early this year, you have helped us to find a suitable school and helped us find every possible option.

Your service not only help us to find an option to study at the UK but also follow up to arrange the arrival service and even take care of the feeling of our son when he arrived. We wish your professional service can keep going onward and have a good future. We are willing to introduce other families to your service in case they are looking for oversea study.

Thanks a lot, your professional service is very helpful and useful.

學生:Nicholas HO
就讀院校:INTO University of East Anglia


我們之前還未決定去澳洲還是去英國留學好,之後聯絡了楓葉教育升學中心Cindy, 她提供了很多寶貴意見,所以最後我們決定揀選英國讀基礎班銜接大學課程。



學生:Clovis HO
就讀院校:Ashville College


祝 楓葉教育業績輝煌、學生出類拔萃!

學生:MAN Yat Lok
就讀院校:University of Toronto

The Maple Overseas Education was super helpful. Whenever I had any doubts or questions regarding studying abroad, like VISA requirements and university application procedures, Javis and Silvia always replied as quickly as they could and strove their very best to help me. They were also very kind and patient all along the way.

I would definitely recommend their service to any other students.

學生:Ryanna SIN
就讀院校:Ashville College



Cindy是一位經驗豐富,非常熟悉整個流程運作,如學校面試、申請學生visa 及安排當地監護人等等……都給了好多寶貴意見。當我們遇到問題時,Cindy都會馬上為我們解決問題,這位顧問除咗會用文字解答外還會錄音講解,這一點令我非常欣賞。

今年2022年我女兒終於遠赴英國留學,可以令我們放下心頭大石,因為這一年我們非常緊張,因為都係第一次籌備女兒留學,幸好有楓葉教育升學中心顧問Cindy 及貴公司所有員工幫忙。

現在衷心感謝教育顧問Cindy 專業細心的幫助 及祝貴公司業務蒸蒸日上,各人身體健康,謝謝。

學生:NG Ting Wang
就讀院校:d’Overbroeck’s College

We have taken Maple Overseas Education services to find and enroll at D’overbroeck’s, one of the well-known sixth form colleges in Oxford.

Our Consultant Mr Javis Wai helped me and my son through the application procedures. He offered all the required help from applying, seating admission tests, visa filing and advised me on the travel and post arrival. His work has exceeded our expectations and I appreciated him a lot. I would recommend Maple Overseas Education to any person hoping to study abroad.

My son is now enjoying his study in the boarding house and he has joined the school basketball team to meet more local friends.

I would like give my great thanks to Maple Overseas Education team.

學生:Matthew HUNG
就讀院校:University of Liverpool International College



學生:Marco WONG
就讀院校:University of New South Wales

Hi! 大家好!我是透過楓葉教育的服務來到澳洲這邊讀書的。


我很感激當初Cindy根據我自身需求和情況,為我物色了不少不同國家地區的大學,亦非常詳細介紹每個大學的特色和優勢,令我可以更有效率地選擇真正適合自己的學校。我亦都很感激楓葉教育在我來到澳洲後,面對人生地不熟的情況,依然不厭其煩地解答我嘅疑惑,提供了非常有質素的留學和售後服務!所以我都好感恩可以遇到一個如此專業有質素的留學顧問亦都很推薦大家使用Maple Overseas Education 的服務!

學生:Ada CHU
就讀院校:University of Western Australia

My friend suggested that I contact Maple to assist me with managing my studies in Australia. And Cindy serves as the middleman. She initially received a recommendation from the school, enrolled, was accepted by the institution, and then filed for a visa. The process ran very smoothly throughout.

I was pursuing an associate’s degree prior to going to Australia to study. I applied to three universities in Western Australia with Cindy’s assistance. All of them eventually received letters of admission. I ultimately decided on the University of Western Australia, where I was awarded a scholarship and a year of credit exemption. Overall, every stage of the procedure was very well followed.

Cindy would also contrast the subjects of various schools, which increased my awareness of the institution and the courses I was taking and allowed me to enter the suitable university without incident. I wholeheartedly urge everyone to choose Cindy as their study abroad advisor.

學生:Timothy LI
就讀院校:Durham University

感謝楓葉教育升學中心顧問團隊在過去兩年為我們子女升學提供優質、貼心、個人化的專業服務。我們有幸遇到 Cindy,她為我們提供了非常寶貴的專業分析及意見。尤其在全球疫情下,Cindy提供專業高效的協助,幫助兒子能順利入讀心儀的大學,非常感激。

學生:Vania NGOK
就讀院校:Fraser International College

感謝Maple楓葉教育升學中心職員專業意見以及悉心安排令我們很快便申請到FIC, 並且可以好迅速地為女兒申請得到學生簽証。

貴 中心職員的積極態度,有如家長般緊張孩子升學。當家長遇到疑問時都能夠一一耐心解答及協助,令到本人對貴 中心非常有信心將升學事宜交予給你們。


學生:Ken TANG
就讀院校:University of Sydney

I’m Ken’s mother and would like to express my gratitude to Cindy and her teammates for providing invaluable advice and services to my son for his pathway to the University of Sydney.

We have limited knowledge in getting my kid to study abroad, let alone the countless tedious tasks required for the application and enrollment processes. Cindy has all the patience and commitment in giving us thoughtful advice in selecting a suitable university and faculty based on the very own needs of Ken. She and her team also provided very helpful guidance for us to smoothly complete various preparation tasks.

Ken has just started his university journey. Thanks again for all the efforts everybody in Maple made in helping us!

學生:Kyle CHOY
就讀院校:Ipswich School


很感恩遇到Cindy,她真的幫了我們很多!我一定會推薦Maple Education給親友!

學生:Cynthia LAM
就讀院校:The University of Adelaide College

感謝Maple Education和Cindy由選校到辦理簽證的無微不至,她會經常分享自身的經驗,減低本人的緊張感。在尋找了很多中介都不太適合下,從網上找到了Maple Education。Cindy先與我電話會談,她人很好,為我詳細解說,然後到中心會面時,也會不厭其煩地解說,希望學生真的了解後,再作選擇,她很專重學生的意見。



本人大力推薦Maple Education及希望公司能有更好的發展,更多學生能接受你們的幫助。

學生:Hewitt WONG
就讀院校:Glasgow International College

謝謝楓葉教育升學中心Cindy 的高效率協助,給予貼心的專業意見,在極短時間下,能夠快速及順利前往英國升學。

學生:Xeria ZHANG
就讀院校:York Region District School Board


學生:Justin BUT
就讀院校:International College of Manitoba

多謝Maple楓葉教育升學中心協助我搵到一間在加拿大Winnipeg市Manitoba 省大學。恊助我的顧問Javis提供專業意見,而且整個團隊做事有效率。


學生:Wesley CHENG
就讀院校:INTO University of Exeter



學生:Steven LU
就讀院校:The University of British Columbia

去年,我兒子准備申請出國讀大學時,在網上Maple Overseas留學顧問公司,去咨詢時得到老師熱情接待,并把他們多年申請資源給我們看,我們一看很有信心,立即報名。之後,工作人員跟得非常緊,教我們拿三年學校成績,并寫好自我介紹,做好大學要求報告,每週教申請學生看信箱郵件。UBC與SFU大學很快發來預録通知,DSE成績出來後,我們選擇了UBC大學計算機科學專業,現在已經順利入學了,謝謝所有公司和所有幫忙工作人員!